Give Your Students The Tools To Protect Themselves And Others On The Web

Digital Citizenship Awareness Improves Online Safety and Reduces Cyber-bullying!

If Your Institution Values The Importance Of Educating Your Students To Be Good Digital Citizens In Today's Ever Changing World, We Are Here To HELP!

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Great Value

For a low price, our team will present to your students the safest ways to be a citizen of the digital world.

Knowledgable Team

Our presenters have real-life experience dealing with safety.

Quality Presentaion

We will leave your students with the tools they need to guide themselves safely in the digital age.


Testimony From a Prior Live Presentation.

Dr. Jeremiah Sumter Jr, Principal at Roosevelt Middle School, giving his closing remarks and praising the live presentation we had with the parents of the students from the school.

Our Team Is Here To Help

Cyber Inspired recognizes the importance of exceptional digital citizenship and educating students on what that means. Our presentation helps students achieve and understand digital literacy, responsibility, well-being, as well as, online safety, and cybersecurity.